X-Ray Tech / Tamarac

Job Description

An X-ray technician takes radiographic images of specific parts of a patient’s body, which a physician has requested in order to make a diagnosis. They need a thorough understanding of imaging equipment and x-ray procedures and, as they are required to interact with patients, they should also have solid communication skills.


  • A two years associate degree or four years bachelor’s degree in any of the radiography programs.
  • Must have a current License/ Permit in X-Ray Technology from the State of Florida, Department of Health Services.
  • Knowledge of HIPPA medical privacy regulations and practices.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Previous medical office setting experience preferred.
  • Bilingual


  1. Taking x-ray images of the patients and developing the films to reveal their skeletal or bone structures for diagnosis
  2. Conserving compliance with the governmental protocols and ensuring the safety of patients and employees by using protective instruments and exercising safety measures.
  3. Controlling the x-ray video display and making sure that the picture quality is up to the mark by making appropriate contrast and density adjustments.
  4. Stabilizing the patients and ensuring preparedness by educating them about the entire procedure, appropriately positioning them on the examining table, and covering them with protective clothing.
  5. Representing the latest techniques, equipment, and procedures to educate the staff about them
  6. Studying the x-rays, and computerized specimens, to create a detailed report of the findings and present them to the physicians
  7. Evaluating the dimension of the area to be radiographed.
  8. Making copies of the x-rays and keeping a precise record of the patients who have undergone the imaging procedure
  9. Coordinating the work schedules.
  10. Proficient in EMR

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