Medical Doctor - Miami Dade / Broward

Job Description

The Medical Doctor is responsible for promoting the health and safety of their patients by providing proactive treatment and diagnoses.


  • M.D. or D.O. degree from an accredited medical school.
  • Board certified in one of the primary care specialties.
  • Current State of Florida medical license.
  • Bilingual


  1. Working with the staff to assure that the medical needs of the patient are met.
  2. Assuring that the patient meets the medical admission criteria.
  3. Participating in the Quality Assurance of the medical documentation.
  4. Participating in the Utilization Review of the billing process.
  5. Will assume the supervision of all professional employees.
  6. Will keep medical record documentation according to the Senate and Federal regulations and their guidelines.
  7. Will revise EOB, verify and correct any billing error with the appropriate State Agency.
  8. Will endeavor to maintain the good name and reputation of the Medical Facility and to promote its best interest.
  9. Reports to the physician CEO/president and/or to the governing body of the organization.

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