Call Center - Public Relations / Corporate

Job Description

Call center / Public relations is a person who receives calls from inside or outside referrals via advertising on television, social networks and transportation.


  • Clinical experience, preferred
  • High school minimum
  • Excellent telephone etiquette, emphatic, and dynamic.
  • Bilingual and Creole


  1. Manage incoming and outgoing calls in a timely manner
  2. Responsible for programming tours to visit the Medical Centers
  3. Effective communication, planning and organization skills
  4. Demonstrated ability to work independently and self-motivated
  5. Contact members who signed up to get opinions and comments on services received and seek referrals.
  6. Provide excellent customer service through active listening
  7. Knowledge of the services offered at the medical centers
  8. Meet monthly goals.
  9. Participate in marketing events and recreational activities to the characteristics of the patients.

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