Administrator-Miami Dade / Broward

Job Description

Responsible for planning, coordinating, managing, and directing all activities including fulfilling company’s goals as to growth.


  • Bachelors or Master Degree in Administrative Healthcare
  • 5 or more years of experience in the health care field, preferably in a managerial/supervisory role.
  • Bilingual


  1. Overseeing the well-functioning of their medical facility, including its staffing, financing, adhering to company policies, and patient care.
  2. Ensure the needs of the clinic as well as its physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals are met.
  3. Hiring new employees, supervising staff, creating work schedules, overseeing medical billing, drafting budgets, implementing policy changes, organizing tax forms, starting professional development training, ordering medical equipment, leading staff meetings, and to ensure patient membership census is updated.
  4. When patients have complaints, clinic administrative manager may also step in to diplomatically resolve the issue with good customer service.
  5. Running a clinic requires you to wear many hats, so clinic administrative managers must have adaptability and excellent decision-making skills.
  6. Must be skilled communicators with people skills to interact daily with doctors, nurses, patients, and families.
  7. Leadership skills are important for properly delegating tasks and motivating a cohesive workforce.
  8. Must be a multi-tasker with hands-on skills, effective problem-solving skills. Having analytical skills is a must for clinic administrative managers to consume and implement the latest government regulations.
  9. Be detail-oriented with the organizational skills to keep electronic clinical records and paperwork appropriately filed. Customer service skills are also essential for clinic managers to quickly appease patient problems and create a family-like atmosphere.

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