Access / Social Worker-Broward

Job Description

The Access/Social Worker assist customers with applying for public assistance through the Department of Children and Families ACCESS program.


  • High school graduate or GED
  • Strong communication, attention to detail and customer service skills
  • Knowledge of Medicaid and government programs available is required
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Bilingual


  1. Assists customers in the application process with Department of Children and Family (DCF) programs for certification and recertification, these include:
    · Medicaid
    · Food stamps
    · Temporary cash assistance
    · Safelink-Free wireless program (cellphone)
    · LIS (Low-income Subsidy-Medicare Extra help Program)
    · QMB
    · Medicaid Waiver
  2. Assist with the enrollment of Medicaid and Medicare members to the medical center
  3. Maintains records of the following:
    · Medicaid and Medicare enrollments
    · Weekly productivity reports
    · ACCESS tracking of new, re-enrolled, and recertified Medicaid customers
    · Log of DCF customers/patient’s visits
    · Applications submitted to DCF
  4. Assist patients in receiving services by telephone and in person such as:
    · Housing, Food, Citizenship applications, and additional government programs.
  5. Get patients involved in beneficial activities
  6. Assess patients and gathering relevant information regarding the different plans/programs that would best fit their needs.
  7. Offer information and supporting patients and their families.
  8. Participate in training and meetings to always be up to date with any new changes regarding programs, applications, and laws.
  9. Follow up with discharged patients to ensure they were satisfied with services.
  10. Evaluate patients’ progress periodically and making adjustments as needed to improve outcomes.
  11. Act as the patient’s advocate as it relates to their social needs.
  12. Communicate patients’ needs to a variety of care team members and follow up accordingly.
  13. Other duties as assigned by Center Administrator

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